30 Days of World building – Day One

Day One Climate and Variety


  1. Tropical Rainforest -Low-latitude zone; thick rain forest; canopy, lush, wet heat
  2. Tropical Savanna -Low-latitude zone; two seasons – wet and dry, desert, barren, hot
  3. Marine West Coast -Mid-latitude zone; winters – rainy and mild; summers – cool; deciduous and coniferous vegetation
  4. Mediterranean -Mid-latitude zone; winters – rainy and mild; summers – hot and dry; shrubs and short trees
  5. Humid Continental -Mid-latitude zone; winters – long, cold, and snowy; summers – short and hot; deciduous tree and grasslands
  6. Humid Subtropical -Mid-latitude zone; winters – short and mild; summers – hot and humid, heavy rain; oaks, magnolias, and palm trees
  7. Sub-Arctic -High-latitude zone; winters – very cold and bitter; summer – temps above freezing; evergreen forests called taiga
  8. Tundra -High-latitude zone; ground is permafrost – permanently frozen ground; ground turns marshy in summer
  9. Ice-Cap -High-latitude zone; polar ice caps; bitterly cold; lichen and moss grow here
  10. 10. Desert -All climatic zones; dry; little or no rain (less than 10 inches) or little vegetation; cacti or scrub
  11. 11. Steppe – All climatic zones; dry; dry grasslands; 10-20 inches of rain; treeless plain; bushes and short grasses
  12. 12. Highland – All climatic zones; highland; cool or cold temperatures all year; timberline – point on a mountain where trees stop growing; shrubs and wildflowers

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