30 Days of World Building- Day Two

Day Two The Physical Planet

  • What role do you anticipate weather playing in your story? The weather will play an important role as the characters travel through the forest in search of the elusive Maavaistra plant and as they run and hide from their pursuers.
  • Do you have a lot of travel that you want to complicate with bad storms? At least one bad storm, maybe lasting a few days, will impede their travel
  • Are you going to snow in your mighty heroes? This might happen in the story as a way to get a more intimate look at the characters
  • Will there be a mighty battle, determined by sudden flooding? No, I don’t anticipate this happening.


10 Plot devices relating to weather:

  1. A severe storm full of rain, hail and thunder will impede their travel. They will have to continually stop for shelter from lightning strikes as well as push through quicksand-like mud and avoid mudslides.
  2. A snowstorm will snow them in for a few days. This will bring a claustrophobic mood and allow the characters to reflect on their pasts. It will reveal more personality traits and backstory.
  3. A sudden mighty flood could lead to a dark and epic battle.
  4. Summer sun would allow for roaming through the forest and good hunting. It would bring cheer to the characters.
  5. The cleansing sprinkle of a spring rain would bring the feeling of hope and a renewed sense of purpose.
  6. The heat of the sun pounding down on the characters and making them feel defeated.
  7. A struggle through the snow and not finding shelter can empower the characters to just hold on.
  8. Freezing wind gusts continually blowing out their campfire makes them have to work together to use the woods surrounding to build a make shift shelter.
  9. Large hail stones could crash into their tents and ruin some of their things.
  10. A rainbow after a particularly harsh storm could point the way to the Maavaistra plant.

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