30 Days Of World Building – Day Four

Day Four Cataclysmic Events

  • How long has your world been around? Millions of years. There are records dating back 6 million years ago, but evidence it’s been around longer than that.
  • How old was it when your sapient species reached it (either through evolution or discovery)? About 6 million years ago
  • Did a previous species dominate, like the dinosaurs, leaving a fossil record? Or is human (oid) evolution the first major species to leave a lasting record? Dragons used to dominate Ethovaa, but died out except for a tiny sub-species about the size of an Albatross.
  • If a previous species was sapient, did they also leave artifacts of their society? The various races of Faerie (elves, sidhe, trolls, goblins, demi-fey, etc.) have been around almost since the beginning. Humans have been around much less, but went through an evolutionary process after traveling to Ethovaa just like humans on Earth.
  • What major mountain ranges do you want or need to put into your story, what deep canyons, what crater-marked plains? The Ethovaak Mountains – where the MCs are stationed—are 24,245 ft above sea level. Kieraag Valley is 16,987 ft deep at its deepest point and is several hundred miles west of The Ethovaak Mountains. The Kiraaknos Crater is 3,300 ft wide and 2,565 ft deep.
  • Are all of your scars natural, or are some man-made through technological or magical forces? Most of the scars are natural. The Kiraaknos Crater was created by the Kiraaknos battle between King Kiraaknos and The Kingdom of Inaa (aka The Kingdom of Light). Lightning and other forms of dark and light magic created an epic explosion. King Kiraaknos won.

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