Day 0-5 of World Building from Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds

A second world building exercise from

Day 0: In the Beginning God: Theology

Religion/Theology: Dualism- The idea that there are two equal & opposite cosmic forces of light and darkness locked in an eternal struggle.

Magic Systems:
-Vocal: magical forces manipulated by the spoke word
-Focus: the magic user needs an object to focus and control their power
-Alchemy: manipulating and mixing ingredients
-Necromancy: Control of the dead

In Ethovaa, the faerie are born with different abilities and powers. i.e. some have the gift of healing, some are necromancers, etc.

Day 1: Let Their Be Light: Physics

-Gravity: Gravity on Ethovaa is about 9/10ths as strong as on Earth. This does not seem to effect any species except humans. They can jump higher and weigh less.
-Travel: all sentient beings (humans, elves, faeries, etc) typically use one of two modes of transportation: horses and teleport balloons. Teleport balloons look like regular hot air balloons or dirigibles, but when you step into them and light the fire, they rise quickly up and then instantly teleport you to one several ports situtated throughout Ethovaa. They regular balloons can teleport 1-4 adults comfortably. Dirigibles can move whole armies.
-Weaponry: sentient beings use plasma-powered guns in a variety of styles (six-shooters, assault rifles, machine guns, etc) with plasma filled bullets. Faeries and elves are fond of bows & arrows and crossbows, while humans like to stick mostly to guns.

Day 2: Let There Be Expanse: Weather

-Summer:Two months make up summer with minty green skies, temps from 70-80 during the day & about 65 at night, and scattered balmy showers.
-Winter:The rest of the year is a bitter winter with dark salmon skies, temperatures varying wildly from 60 to-30 degrees, and wind gusts bringing whiteouts, freezing rain & blizzards regularly.  The weather and temperatures are worst in the forests. During storms, the skies turn blood orange and the clouds angry red.

Day 3: Let the Dry Land & Plants Appear

ethovaa labeled 2

Day 4: Let There Be Lights in the Sky: Astronomy & Time

-Calendar: Ethovaa rotates in a similar way to Earth providing 12 months to every year.

-Sun and Moon: Ethovaa has two Suns and one moon. One sun is similar in size and coloring to Earth’s and the other is about half as big & shifts through varying shades of red to coincide with the time of year and weather. The moon for Earth has about a 10,921km circumference, while the Ethovaan one has about 21,435km.

Nexus: The Ethovaan people believe the Nexus is a large grouping of stars made up of the spirits of warriors. The Nexus points the way north so warriors can be lead by their fallen brethren into battle.

Day 5: Let the Water, Sky and Land Teem with Life: Biology

-Animals: The animals of Ethovaa have no magic abilities. Most of the creatures that live in the forest are deadly carnivores. (Description of some of the creatures can be found here:
Quaalox trees: Super tall dark olive trees with star-like leaves  that grow all over Ethovaa
Goozaa berry bush: poisonous red bush that grows in the Darjaanx Forest, Mortick Down Port, and Bex Mountains
Medaaf trees: full, wide, and deep fatigue green with millions of extra tiny leaves typically grow around bodies of water


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